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The business principle of NAKA CORPORATION is to satisfy the needs of our clients as part of our commitment to quality-oriented, human and environmentally-friendly production. The company conducts its business activities based on this principle.

NAKA CORPORATION aims to develop a system to ensure the quality and safety of its products while prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company also aims to establish a management system to fulfill corporate social responsibility while actively participating in the conservation of the global environment, which is a problem shared around the world.

ISO-certified business bases

Business bases Applicable ISO Date of registration
Hokkaido Office ISO14001:2015 February 1, 2002
Tokyo Factory
(Production section for TASCARL)
December 1, 2001
Tsukuba Factory
(The section producing component materials of raised floor system)
October 15, 2003
Shiga Factory
[Production Dept. Production section1 and 2 , Management Dept.(Expect Production Dept. Production section 3)]
[Production Dept. Production section1 , 2 and 3 , Management Dept.(Expect Osaka Distribution of Production Dept. Production section 3)]
July 1, 1998
July 1, 2001

Main products produced at each factory

Tokyo Factory
Escape Ladder
Lobby and Stairway Railings
Tsukuba Factory
Raised Floor System
Shiga Factory
Stair Nosing
Access Hatch
Lobby and Stairway Railings