Lobby and Stairway Railings

Stainless Steel Handrail type LED

A handrail with LED lighting for safe use in public areas.

  • Two types of rails: φ38 mm and φ42.7 mm in diameter
  • Available rail surface finishes are common hairline and selected satin (Satin finish is optional).
  • Can be applied to walls, glass walls and poles.
  • The LED lights can be embedded only where you want illumination.

* LED lights cannot be mounted on some areas including corners and bended parts.

Products specifications of LED Multi Unit

LED unit


  • Horizontal LEDs

  • Vertical LEDs

  • Daylight (7100K)

  • Light Bulb (2700K)

* Please understand that the LED colours may differ between product lots due to their nature.

LED unit input voltage12 VDC
LED unit materialSoft acrylic resin
LED unit length1,000 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm
LED chip quantity96 lights/m
LED operating environment-25℃ to 60℃
Power consumption3.9w/m
Operating environmentIndoor and outdoor

* Cannot be used in locations with continuous water splash or in water [Water-proof performance: IPX5 equivalent (internal testing)]

* The specifications above are common between horizontal and vertical LEDs.

LED cover

  • Clear type

  • Diffusion type

Light distribution characteristics

Various combinations are available for every situation: vertical and horizontal LED units, clear and diffusion LED covers, and the presence and absence of light shields.

To illuminate the entire floor brightly
Horizontal LED unit + Clear LED cover
For mild illumination (softly lit). To improve uneven illumination due to multiple LED bulbs.
Horizontal LED unit + Diffusion LED cover
When you want to illuminate pathways, rather than walls
Vertical LED unit + Clear LED cover + Light shield


Handrail specifications

Model No.

The following variations are available for the rail:

 With LED lighting
(Slot type)
Without LED lighting
(Slot type) *1
Without LED lighting
(Round pipe) *2

*1 Select this instead of round pipes if LED lighting can be equipped in the future or the rail cross-section should be the same as the LED lighting model.

*2 The round pipes are used in positions that do not require LED lighting.

*3 The bracket pitch is 1,500 mm or less for φ38 and 2,000mm or less for φ42.7.

Top Rail: Stainless Steel SUS304
Bracket: SCS13

Wiring system (example)

* The recommended length from the power supply to the start of the LED lighting is up to 5 m (2.0 sq cable used for secondary side wiring).

Installation case example

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Commercial facility

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