Lobby and Stairway Railings

Vinilane Stella

A New Genre of Lighting for Buildings -
High-Quality "Light" Enveloped in Gentleness and Peace of Mind.


The subtle production of space by LED Illumination. The introduction of Vinilane and Grahan in the handrail for the lobby/staircase has made it possible to produce illumination at foot level, absent until now, by use of the same solution applied to the handrail.

A Subtle Determination that Seeks to Charm

Light-based guidance and direction. An achievement made possible by high-grade LED technology. A new product from NAKA CORPORATION upholding peace of mind.


Because it is an LED, it conserves energy, has a long service life, and saves space. Achievement of excellent cost performance. Unlike fluorescent lights, it contains no mercury gas, and thus will still be clean at the time of disposal.

Slim-Jointed Handrail

The handrail incorporating LED illumination is a slim-joined handrail with a high level of safety developed by NAKA CORPORATION. The safety is further enhanced with a structurally, feasible groove (joint) under the railing, kept at a width of 5mm or less.

Installation case example

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Wedding hall

Hiroshima, Japan

Hospitals,Nursing homes and Welfare facilities

Saitama, Japan

Fukushima, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kanagawa, Japan

Hokkaido, Japan

Hyogo, Japan


Yamaguchi, Japan

Commercial facility

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan


Kanagawa, Japan


Fukuoka, Japan

LED Colour

  • Daylight (7100K)

  • Light Bulb (2700K)

* Please understand that the LED colours may differ between product lots due to their nature.


LED unit input voltage12 VDC
LED unit materialSoft acrylic resin
LED unit length1,000 mm
LED chip quantity96 lights/m
LED operating environment-25℃ ~ 60℃
Power consumption3.9 W/m
Operating environmentIndoor and outdoor *1
Directly under illumination(H=800 mm)About 70lx *2
Minimum R dimension80 mm (When LED unit built)

*1 Cannot be used in locations with continuous water splash or in water [Water-proof performance: IPX5 equivalent (internal testing)]

*2 Change by the colour of light source, wall and ssurounding.


Wiring system (example)

*1 The recommended length from the power supply to the start of the LED lighting is up to 5 m (2.0 sq cable used for secondary side wiring).

*2 Basic length of the LED unit is 1007 mm (3.9w).

Internal wiring (Example)

* The length of the LED unit is adjustable.