Roof Access Hatch


700 square opening

It is a hatch to exit to the roof for inspection. In addition, the opening and closing of the upper lid can be done smoothly with one hand by the gas damper. Fixed type with after the four anchors.

* There are also types with ground wire connection terminal (bond earth) for use as lightning conductor.

How to use

  • Unlock the padlock.

  • Put the padlock on the right side of the hole.

  • Take the handle, and lift the upper lid slowly.

The lock does not work even if the upper lid is open. Please be careful not to lift upper lid when you comings and goings.


Effective opening: 700×700 mm

Dimensions: 935×935×50 mm


Main Body: Stainless Steel

* This product does not have the waterproofing function. Rainwater may leak at the time of the strong wind and rain.