Stair Nosing with LED Illumination

Hi-Step LUNA

Hi-Step LUNA is Stair-Nosing with build-in LEDs. It provides for safe navigation up and down stairways in the dark with an unobtrusive indication of the outline of the stairway faulting.
Since the illumination comes from LEDs, this is a product that not only conserves electricity, but also enjoys a long maintenance-free service life. It provides a higher level of interior dècor and safety by its staging of light in settings of all types, including cinema complexes, theatres, commercial shops and the like.

  • Long maitenance-free service life based on use of LEDs
  • With special sidelight format each step is provided with an LED light source
  • Energy-saving design allows lights to stay on for a long period
  • A line of light in front of you and a point of light at the side
  • Offers combination of visibility and freedom from glare


Entire light fiber shines dimly and irradiated with LED from both ends.

  • NLC-42FT (For Tile Carpet)
  • NLJ-42FT (For Carpet)

* LED socket (LEDφ5×2nons). 0.02/no×12V=0.24W.


Dot line engraved on the light fiber is light to linear. If the stair is narrow (W=1,100mm or less), irradiated with LED light from one side, if wide (W=1,100mm and above) from both sides.

  • NLC-42DT (For Tile Carpet)
  • NLJ-42DT (For Carpet)

* LED socket (LEDφ5×2nons). 0.02/no×12V=0.24W.

Installation case example

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Amusement facilities

Chiba, Japan

Tokyo, Japan


Hyogo, Japan


Hokkaido, Japan

Commercial facilities

Tokyo, Japan

Office building

Saitama, Japan

Tokushima, Japan

Fukuoka, Japan


Vinyl tire

Wireling line

  • Wireling line (S): For CARPET TILE

  • Wireling line: For CARPET


  • LP-04

  • LP-05

  • LP-02



Metal BaseExcluded Aluminium
Vinyle TireExcluded PVC with Aluminium Sheet
LED Socket, Mirror SocketASA Resin
LED diffuse plateAcrylic Resin
LED diffuse barSoft Transparent Resin
Wireling Line BoxAluminium (Extruded Aluminium Anodised finish).
Wireling Cover ASoft PVC Resin
Wireling Cover BSemihard PVC Resin
Out CornerASA Resin
Inner CornerPolyethylene Resin