Dressing Stand

Combi Changing Board

Combi Changing Board CB13

  • Can be opened and closed without touching the floor.
  • Stain-proof, easy-cleaning configuration.
  • Soft down mechanism to open and close slowly.
  • Non-slip treatment on the step surface.
  • Can set it up an existing toilet booth.
  • Described in four languages (Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean).

  • To wear stockings

  • To change diapers

  • To change clothes

  • To put a large luggage


Model No. : N-CB-13

Colour: Clear white

Outside Dimensions: W472×D75×H450 (mm) [in use: W472×D448×H63 (mm)]

Mass: 3.6 (kg)

Material: Steel (rust-prevention treatment), ABS resin