Care Bed (horizontally)

Combi Universal-Seat US13

Combi Universal-Seat US13

It is usable in a multi-purpose.

  • Can be opened and closed with a light force 30N (3kgf).
  • Soft-down mechanism to opens slowly.
  • Soft cushion and a wide seat.
  • Wheelchair user can use it comfortably.
  • Left and right handrail can be open and close both.
  • Retractor belt with a lock.
  • Described in four languages (Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean).

Combi Wall cushion R1 (opution)

It is a wall cushion to protect the head.
Only for vertical universal seat.


Combi Universal-Seat US13
Model No. : N-US-13
Colour: Clear white
Outside dimensions: W738×D240×H1538 (mm) [in use: W738×D1285×H583 (mm)]
Mass: 35.0 (kg)
Material: [Main unit] Steel (rust-prevention treatment), ABS resin
[Surface]Plyurethane leather
Combi Wall cushion R1
Model No. : N-UC-01R
Colour: Beige
Dimensions: W500×D30×H360 (mm)
Mass: 1.4 (kg)
Material: [Core] Plywood [Surface] Plyurethane leather