Care Bed (vertically)

Combi Universal-Seat US41

Combi Universal-Seat US41

It is usable in a multi-purpose.

  • Wide 1500 mm, soft cushion.
  • Bed width 650 mm.
  • Easy to contain the foot for assistance, simple form of bed shape and no coeners.
  • Since slim compact design (when stored is 180 mm), easy to layout at small multi-purpose toilet, large fitting room.
  • Retractor belt with a lock.



Model No. : N-US-41

Colour: Clear white

Outside Dimensions: W1500×D180×H978 (mm) [in use: W1500×D696×H4808 (mm)]

Mass: 43.0 (kg)

Material: [Main unit] Steel (rust-prevention treatment), ABS resin
[Surface]Plyurethane leather